Picking the perfect mascara is definitely a challenge, yet applying it can be quite more tricky. Here's how to apply mascara in a flawless way.

1. Before applying mascara, use your makeup remover to eliminate any excess makeup or foundation. You should as well remove excess product from the mascara's wand itself to prevent smudges. 

2. Begin with brushing your lashes with the mascara from the roots of your lash line and sweep towards its ends, and don't forget the inner and middle corners of your lashes. This way you will separate your lashes and guarantee a full mascara application.

3. Dip the mascara wand one more time and apply another coat but in a different way this time. Start with the end of your lashes while stretching them outwards to concentrate the application towards the outer corner of your lashes. It's extremely essential that you stretch your eye lids so you don't end up with flaky eyelashes. This marvelous tip will also make your eyelashes look thicker. 

4. When it comes to your bottom lashes, less is more. Don't coat your lower eyelashes with extra mascara as one fine coat is truly enough. Make sure to brush them gently as they're much more thin and fragile than your upper lashes. If you have problems applying mascara on your lower lashes, try placing a small piece of tissue under your lower eye lids. 

* For a stronger look and more dramatic eyes, apply a thin line of waterproof eyeliner on the inner waterline of your lower lashes. This makeup trick will make your eyes look wider and your lashes seem fuller.

* During applying mascara, give each eye a break. Avoid applying multiple coats of mascara on each eye at one time. Instead, apply one coat on your right eye, and then switch to your left eye to leave your eyelashes to relatively dry (not completely dry) before you put the next coat.

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