How to Choose the Color of Your Eyebrow Filler

Heba Abohemed
2/11/15, 12:00 AM

Do you like thick natural-looking eyebrows? Then you should know how to choose the color of your eyebrow filler. Well defined and neatly shaped eyebrows are definitely what every woman want. However, no matter how perfectly you tweeze or wax them, you might want to fill those annoying gaps between your eyebrows with the appropriate eyebrow powder or pencil. Because so many women just tend to pick the wrong shade of eyebrow filler, I'm here to guide you on how to choose the color of your eyebrow filler.

Do you want to make your eyes look more accentuated? Make sure to stay away from eyebrow fillers that match your hair color exactly, because this will make your eyebrows look unnatural. The makeup experts say that if you have light hair, pick an eyebrow filler that is one or two shades darker than your hair color. However, if you have dark hair, go for an eyebrow filler that is one or two shades lighter. 

- Fair skin

If you have fair skin, a grey eyebrow filler will work perfectly with your eyebrows, leaving you with a natural makeup look.

- Medium skin

The best eyebrow filler shades to go with medium-toned skin are light brown hues. You can also try out the gel eyebrow filler to keep your eyebrows well defined.

- Dark skin

It's preferable that women with dark skin stay away from dark eyebrow fillers. Go for an eyebrow filler that is more on the chocolate brown shades to compliment your eyebrows.


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