I like to think of makeup brushes as a painter's paint brush, used constantly, dipped in several colors and moves in all directions. Just like painters clean their brushes, cleaning your makeup brushes is extremely important as well, it doesn't have to happen as often as a painter, but it's necessary at least once a week. Cleaning your makeup brush means cleansing them from any dirt, bacteria, oils and most importantly, preserving them to last you quite some time. 

1. Start by running your brush under warm water for a few minutes, that way you can wash away all the excess substances.

2. Next you will need to get your hands on some gentle clarifying soap, for example Johnson's Baby Shampoo. Apply some of the soap in the palm of your hand, and  stroke the brush across your palm. That way, the soap will make its way throughout the entire brush. 

3. After thoroughly cleansing the brush with soap, apply it under warm water again to rinse away all the soap. Be sure to monitor the color of the water, while rinsing. It should fall clear, if there is a faint color of pink for example, be sure to repeat step two until water is clear. 

4. Squeeze out the water from the brush, but do not twist the hairs of the brush. 

5. Tap each brush against a hard object, letting out final drops of water, and allowing your brush to have that fluff shape to it.

6. Finally, lay down the brushes on a piece of cloth and leave them to dry over night. That way no water will leak into the handle. 

Tip: If you are cleaning a brush that you use for a gel or liquid liner for example, you will need to use some almond oil. You will find that the brush is initially very stiff due to the amount of makeup embedded in it. You will need to dab a few drops onto a piece of cotton and swirl the brush among the oil. That way you will loosen up the stiff brush, then you can carry on with the steps to clean your makeup brush.