If you've been wanting to know how to contour and highlight your face with makeup, then you're just about to get your answer! Shading or contouring your face is a makeup trick that has been used by makeup artists since forever, but the term "contouring" only began to become popular recently. Contouring surely gives your face great definition and highlights your features. The thing about contouring, is that it might seem a little hard to do, but it’s really like playing with foundation, blusher, concealer and makeup brushes. In order to add a dramatic effect to your makeup, here’s the way to contour and highlight your face...


What you will need:

In order to accentuate your features well, you need to use two shades of foundation; a light one and a dark one. For highlighting, you'll use a foundation that is lighter than your skin tone, while the darker foundation shade will be used for contouring.

If your skin tone is fair, you should use a light shade to highlight and a darker one to contour. But, if you have a medium skin tone, then you should use a lighter shade for highlighting and a slightly darker one for contouring. Same goes if your skin is dark toned, you shall use medium toned foundation for highlighting and a deeper shade to contour your face. 


1. First step you should do is applying your usual concealer/foundation evenly on your entire skin, using a sponge in order for it to blend well. Needless to say that your face has to be properly cleansed and ready for the foundation application.

2. Now you shall locate the areas where you should highlight and contour. Start by identifying where the light falls on your face. Begin with your forehead and nose, where you should highlight the T-zone, by drawing a line horizontally right above your eyebrows, and vertically on your nose to form a T shape. Other areas you should highlight: under your eyes until right above your cheekbones, right on the center of your upper lip, on the center of your chin, right under your eyebrows (above the corner of your upper lids), and your jaw line.

3. Blend the highlighted areas well, preferably using a blending brush/sponge, so it your skin would look as natural as possible. Now that you’re done with highlighting, it’s about time to contour. 

4. The ideal spots to contour are right under your cheekbones, above your jaw line, both sides of your nose, and all over your hairline. Make sure to have another blending brush/sponge just for blending in the darker shades of the foundation, in order for the contouring to show. 

5. Apply the right shade of blusher on your cheekbones and now you’re ready to go! You can also spritz on a makeup sealer to make sure that your makeup stays in place for a longer time.