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| by Dalia Hosny

How to Fill in Your Eyebrows

Wondering how to fill in your eyebrows? Are your sparse eyebrows becoming so annoying? Do you think your eyebrows need more shaping? Then, eyebrow powder must be the perfect solution for you! As a person with very light eyebrows, I almost tried everything to make them look fuller and thicker and how to fill in my eyebrows has been always a mystery. From eyebrow liners to gel and nothing worked perfectly as eyebrow powder. Unlike the pencil, powder can fill in your eyebrows as still doesn't smudged or make your eyebrows look unnatural, simply because you get to apply it with an angled brush so it’s more defined.

Applying eyebrow powder can be a hit or a miss though, so here are some steps on how to fill in your eyebrows:

1. Use a tiny brush to comb your eyebrows. Tip: You can use a clean mascara brush.

2. Use an angled eyebrow brush to apply powder evenly over the edges then move till the end of your brow.

3. Blend the powder together with a clean mascara brush for a natural appearance.

*In order to fill in your eyebrows perfectly, opt for an eyebrow brush package that has variety of shades that are close to your eyebrow color. To me, filling my eyebrows seemed disastrous before trying eyebrow powder. Whether you over tweezed your eyebrows or you have light eyebrows, it will make them look thicker while maintaining a very natural feel. Perfectly-shaped eyebrows can do magic to framing your eyes and face as well. Try it and define your brow beauty!

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