Princess Ameerah Al-Taweel is considered one of the world’s most elegant, unique and beautiful women; she amazes us every time with her looks and presence, she is also known for changing her hairstyle and makeup according to each occasion she attends in keeping with her unlimited glamour and beauty. We present you today with one of Princess Ameerah Al-TaweeL’s amazing looks, glamorous for a special event.

Easy steps to pull off princess Ameerah Al-Taweel’s look:

Princess Ameerah Al-Taweel chose a flowing, wavy hairstyle with an elegant hat on the side, with bangs curled around the edge of the hat. The hair has been styled to one side giving it a simpler and more elegant look.

As for the makeup, her skin looks completely glowing and monotoned through moisturizing it constantly. You should add a moisturizer first to your skin then foundation, the same tone as your skin or nude. Cover the foundation with oil absorbing powder if available.

Highlight your cheeks with pinkish bronze blusher that will make your skin brighter.

Eye makeup is done natural and strong at the same time, as you can blend the nude and brown colors to unify the eyelid colors and adding a little bit of black eyeshadow, then draw with your black eyeliner right over the upper and lower lashes.

Draw the inside of your eyelids with black kohl to give your depth to your eyes.

Add several layers of mascara or use eye extensions for mesmerizing eyes, then brush your eyebrows properly.

Use pink lipstick for an irresistible smile, and don’t forget to wear glamorous earrings.

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