Whether you're going for a subtle morning look or an edgy night look, you always need to pay attention to your cheeks! One of the keys to perfecting a makeup look, is how you choose to apply blush to your cheeks. You don't want to look like you drew two red circles on your cheeks, you want it to seem subtle yet fresh. Here are a few steps to get that naturally flushed look when applying makeup.

1. Make sure you apply some moisturizer to your face before applying blush. If you are using powder blush, this will let it last longer, and if you are using cream blush it will help spread it out.

2. Go for a very light opaque pink color. This shade works on all skin tones, and you can add enough to reach the color you are looking for.

3. If you are using powder blush, dab on some powder to your brush and apply it to the apples of your cheeks. Next, do not add more powder, apply one light brush stroke to your cheekbones. 

4. If you are using a cream blush, dab your finger in the blush and apply some color from the apples of your cheeks all the way back to your cheekbones. Be sure to lightly tap the blush to spread, not massage it into your skin.

5. Next, you want to accentuate your cheek bones, using a bronzer. Make sure you use a different brush and choose a very light bronzer. You will apply only one stroke from the apples of your cheeks to your cheekbones. This will give your cheek bones a subtle shine.

6. Finally use some makeup setting spray, this will make your makeup last all day.

Tip: You can skip the last step, and use a makeup primer in the very beginning. This will give your face a natural glow and will help make your makeup last longer.

Photo Credits: Instagram @louiseroe