I hate wearing faux lashes, however I love the way they look on a gal. There is something about faux lashes that just adds instant glam to your look. You'd think eyelashes won't make such a difference, but they really do; accentuating your eyes, thereby completing your glamorous look. Now, if you are anything like me and want to avoid wearing the faux eyelashes, then you are going to want to read this feature. Here are five steps to make your eyelashes look thicker, without adding faux eyelashes. 

1. Line your upper waterline

Use a black liner and line your upper waterline. You can also line your lash line on your upper eyelid. Just make sure to stick as close as you can to your eyelashes. 

2. Mascara primer

Start by adding a coat of mascara primer to your eyelashes when applying makeup. This will be your first coat of mascara, separating and lifting your eyelashes. Think of it as a prep for your eyelashes. 

3. Use an eyelash curler

After adding the mascar primer, give your eyelashes an extra boost with an eye lash curler. 

4. Add powder to your lashes

Though this may sound weird, it works like magic, giving your mascara that plump look. Use a Q-tip to add some powder to your lashes. Lightly dab your eyelashes, top and bottom, with baby powder. The point is NOT to make your lashes look white, so add lightly. 

5. Apply mascara

Now it's time to add the black mascara, or whatever color you want to go for. Just make sure to add two coats of mascara, start from the root, all the way up to the tip.

Voila, your eyelashes must be looking thicker and fuller right about now.

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