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| by Nada Allam

How to Make Your Lips Bigger with Lip Liner

Ladies, there is a way to make your lips look bigger, with lip liner! Big is trending lately, thicker eyebrows, larger eyes, and now even bigger lips. You probably heard of the whole Kylie Jenner lip story and the ongoing debate of whether or not she had her lips done. But you can make your lips bigger by simply using lip liner the right way. So here is how to do it…

- The first thing you need to do, is apply concealer to your face, and focus on the area around your lips. Once done, apply some powder to set the concealer, allowing your lips to stand out.

- You should know that lining your lips with lip liner already makes your lips look much bigger than it is. So line the boundaries of your lips, starting at the Cupid’s bow with a nude lip liner. You could choose to go for a shade of pink, but make sure it is almost the exact same color as your lips.

- When outlining your lips, you don’t need to stick to the boundaries of your lips. You can overdraw a little, but only on the sides, then make your way back to your natural lip line to give it a more natural look. Just be sure to fill in the gaps with the lip liner.

- Next, color your lips with the lip liner you just used, this will help your lipstick last longer and give your lips a more plump effect.

- You must make sure your lipstick is just a shade darker than your lip liner and not a whole other color, when trying to make your lips look bigger.

- Apply the lipstick to your lips only, do not over draw with your lipstick to reach the lip liner. Just apply the lipstick to your natural lip line!

Using a lip brush, gently blend the lipstick with the over drawn lip liner. Make sure not to go outside the lip liner you drew, as this will give off a clownish look. The lip liner will prevent the lipstick from smudging outside the boundaries.

- You can choose to make your lipstick matte. Or if you want to give it a shiny effect, then apply lip gloss just to the tip of your lips, right under your Cupid’s bow and smudge. This will give your lipstick a natural shine. Bigger looking lips guaranteed!

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