Don't we all complain about our lipstick wearing off? With eating and everyday activities, our lipsticks tend to fade fast so we will tell you how to make it last longer. Minimize the times you visit the bathroom for a make-up fix with these tips.

1. Wear dark colors

Darker shades of lipstick tend to stay longer than lighter ones. Dark lipsticks tend to have more texture and color. The more vibrant, the longer it stays. Matte lipstick can also last more than shimmery ones.

2. Lip liners are back 

Old-fashioned? Definitely, yet lip liners have a great ability to add some texture to your lips and make them look in shape. Define your lips and prevent it from smudging with a lip liner one shade darker than your actual lipstick. 

3. Show your lips some pampering

Moisturizing is always the key. Use a washcloth or a soft toothbrush to remove dead skin off your lips. Dryness causes irritation and chapping which makes lipstick fade easily. Also apply lip balm or moisturizer during your every night beauty routine. 

4. Apply it over and over

After applying your typical layer of lipstick, blot it with a piece of cloth or a tissue and apply another layer of color. This will take away the creamy layer that prevents your lipstick from staying in place

5. Powder your lips

Add some powder to your lips and you'll get magical results. Some people assume that powder will dry you lips out, totally not true! Place some pressed powder as a first coat on your lips with a little sponge then apply a layer of lipstick. In this case don't apply another layer so it doesn't look like you just injected your lips with botox.