Don't we all have this creamy lipstick that we wish it was matte or it would last a little bit longer? If you want to tone down an old lipstick of yours, here's how to make your lipstick matte in a few minutes.

1. Apply a coat of your favorite lipstick, and draw your lips with a lip liner that matches with it.

2. Pat your lips using a tissue paper to remove the glossy layer.

3. Add a thin layer of pressed powder to your lips. Using a sponge, pat gently without smudging your lipstick. Make sure to apply it evenly and don't spread too much powder, so it doesn't look cakey or messy.

4. Rub your lips together so the powder blends well with the existing lipstick, and there you have it! You can also add some extra powder for a finishing touch if desired.

Main Photo Credits: Instagram @KylieCosmetics