A lot of us follow and go buy mascaras based on hype and what people are recommending without focusing on what we actually need. We think that applying mascara means big lashes but we forget that there are a lot of different lash looks you can get from mascaras and you could be using the wrong one for you.

This was especially true when we heard about the magical wand of the L’Oreal Paradise Extatic mascara that is made to fit all types of lashes. To test this, let’s take a look at the most common types of mascara wands and what makes this specific L’Oreal Paradise mascara so unique and why you might want to use it.

Here’s a mini guide of the different types of mascara wands and the looks they create:

1. Fanned Out Curl Wand


This is the very loved and popular wand, it’s known for giving false-lash effects and a beautiful curl because of the way the curve hugs the lashes and lifts them up. If you have very straight, down-turned lashes and an eyelash curler is not enough to do the job, try a wand like this.

2. Balled Tip Wand


This interesting looking wand is great for detailed and precision application. You know how it’s hard to get the very end of the inner lashes? This one helps you attain a nice even look by getting all the nooks and corners. Use the ball at the end upwards to coat these small corners.

3. Rubber and Short Wand


If you’re blessed enough with a defined lash line and you stay away from intense volume and clumpiness, then this is the one for you. Rubber wands, unlike wired bristles, are less likely to form clumpiness and a wand like this with short bristles aims to give a nice, chic and fluttery length to your lashes.

4. Tapered Cone Wand


If you’re a lover of that winged cat eye effect, with or without liner, this is your gal! This tapered wand pushes the lashes and product to the outer corner of your eyes to flatter your eyes and extend them outwards. They also look incredible with a dramatic winged liner.

5. Micro Wand


Micro wands are loved by many for the bottom lashes, their short bristles allow you to give color and flutteriness to the bottom lashes without packing on too much product or clumpiness. They can also be used on upper lashes for a daily, natural eye brightening look.

6. Fat Oversized Wand


The most noticeable results can be found with a fat, oversized wand. This targets maximum volume and dramatically visible lash changes. Big wands like these tend to be a struggle to those with hooded eyes because they smudge everywhere, that’s one of the reasons why the blogger favorite L’Oreal Paradise Extatic is good balance for that. It offers intense volume and extreme black coating with a manageable brush. Its brush is curated smartly to gather most of the above wands’ qualities and provide them in addition to a healthy nutritious ingredient like castor oil.


Image Credits: Instagram @lorealmakeup

This mascara was hyped up for good reasons, the second you apply a layer you can instantly notice a dramatic eye opening difference. You can also play around with what look you would like from it by either having a heavy application starting from the roots for volume, or by focusing the product on the ends of your lashes and corners for length and brushing the lashes with a clean spooly for a fluttery look.

Mascara Wands Image Credits: Be Beautiful.In

Main Image Credits: Instagram @samuelpaulmakeup