Recently bought a new mascara and it dried out for no reason? Wait, don't throw it away just yet but learn how to prevent your mascara from drying instead. A mascara wand or tube should be always treated with extra care and gentleness. Extend the lifespan of your favourite mascara by adding some tips to your beauty routine. 

1. Try not to expose your mascara to too much air. The more you leave your mascara open, the more it will dry out. Mascaras that come with a thin brush tend to live longer as the tube opening tend to be smaller.

2. In case your mascara got drier, instantly add a drop of water or baby oil to it (depends on the base of your mascara). This way you will moist the fluid and make it easier for application.

3. Always store your mascara in a relatively cool place. By being exposed to heat or sun, your mascara might dry out or even get ruined.

4. If your mascara completely dried out after less than three months of the purchase date, put your mascara tube while closed in a hot cup of water and leave it for two minutes. After you remove it from the water you will notice a great difference.

5. Keep an eye on the expiry date of the mascara you want to purchase, an old mascara will tend to dry faster even before you use it that many times.

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