If I were to offer you a white eyeliner, will you accept it? Will you add it to your makeup bag and use it as much as you would use a black eyeliner? First of all, you should know that white eyeliner can actually make your eyes look bigger, highlighting them and giving off a glamorous look. Well, after reading this article, chances are you will be thinking, how you never used white eyeliner in your makeup routine

1. After you have applied all your makeup, use a white eyeliner by highlighting your inner waterline, this will make small eyes appear much bigger. If you already have big eyes, do not apply too much white eyeliner, as the outcome will be too dramatic.

2. Ditch the eyeshadow and use a white eyeliner instead. After drawing your cat-eye, carefully trace over the black line, it will give you an instant shimmering look.

3. Use white eyeliner to brighten up the inner corners of your eyes, it will give your eyes that needed pop. 

4. Want to lighten up the shade of your eyeshadow? Use white eyeliner to line your eyes, then apply your eyeshadow next, you will notice a difference in the color.

5. Did you know white eyeliner can be used as primer? So, if you are worried about your eyeliner smudging by the end of the night, draw your eyes with white eyeliner first, then add the black liner, it will last longer. 

6. One of the best ways to use a white eyeliner is on the brow bone. If you're not a fan of eyeshadows, just add a light layer of eyeshadow to your upper eyelid, then line your brow bone with white eyeliner. 

7. White eyeliner is a great way to go for a no makeup - makeup look. Just add a little white eyeliner to your upper eyelid and smudge it in with your finger; goodbye tired eyes!

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