You’re always on the go, possibly late for a meeting or a gathering with friends? Yes, we all have that moment in common and it’s mostly because you’re too exhausted (or fashionably late but that’s another issue!). Chances are you’ll leave in a hurry without retouching what exhaustion will clearly show on your face. So here’s a quick and easy makeup routine, which you can pull off in 5 minutes or even less, and which I use very often.

After you finish cleansing and moisturizing your skin, start by applying your concealer right under and over your eyes to avoid darkness around them. Spread it out slowly with your finger, to give your whole skin one tone. It’ll look natural plus it helps brighten up your face.

Although powder isn’t my favorite way to even out the skin tone - I’d rather use a mousse foundation - but time plays a huge role here. So your next best thing is applying powder.

Now you’ve got one of two options depending on how good you are with makeup. Option 1 is using the regular eye pencil to highlight your eyes in one of the simplest ways possible, and Option 2 is then applying the eyeliner to your lids. This might get messy, so prepare a strong thin brush to spread it out just in case. DON’T: I highly advise against liquid eyeliners for the 5-minute routine.

Time for your pretty cheeks, smile and apply on the apples of your cheeks up till your cheekbones. 

They say you leave the best to last; now that’s certainly the case here. If you can speed up the steps above to take your time with your mascara, it’ll only help you glow more. Add some volume to your lashes, and pay equal attention to the outer ones as well for a killer look.

20 seconds more, go out to putting on lipstick, nothing too flashy with this routine, the key is looking natural without much effort.

Voila, off you go, it didn’t take that much time, now did it?