Are you a lipstick or a lip gloss person? Women of the world are basically two teams; team lipstick and team lip gloss. Do you want to know which team you belong to? Here you go...

Lip gloss: The name says it all! It's glossy, shiny and juicy. Lip glosses are more ideal for night. It usually lasts for a shorter period of time, and often comes in shimmery shades. Lip glosses give more of a rich feel and a wet look compared to lipstick. It's very rare to actually wear lip gloss and find stains stuck on your front teeth.

Lipstick: Unlike lip gloss, lipstick is known to give more color. More coverage is also a plus when it comes to lipstick. Lipsticks might leave your lips drier, while the glossy texture in the lip gloss will keep your lips moisturized. The thing I love about lipstick is its variety. It's available in different complexions like matte, creamy, and shimmery.

Now tell us, are you a lip gloss or lipstick kind of woman?

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