For a couple of years now I've known of a great secret regarding MAC shopping , and let me tell you, very few people know about this! This secret is so great you’re going to love MAC cosmetics even more than you already do.

MAC cosmetics has a reward system for their old used makeup containers. Yes, you read that right, every time you stack up six of MAC's primary packaging containers, you can take them back to any MAC store (and MAC stores only) or MAC cosmetics online, and you’ll get a free lipstick of your choice.

This is no new news, this policy has been going on for years now, but only a few people know about it. So, instead of throwing away your empty MAC makeup containers, give it back to them to win a free lipstick and save the environment.

Here are the containers you can give back to win a free MAC lipstick:

- Empty eyeshadow

- Empty trio compact

- Empty quad compact

- Empty cream color base

- Empty paint tube

- Empty pigment

- Empty mascara tube

- Empty liquid eyeliner tube

- Empty powder compact

- Empty blush compact

- Empty lipstick tube

- Empty foundation bottle

- Empty foundation tube

- Empty foundation jar