Makeup Artist Donia Sedky Says This Is the Best Way to Apply Makeup on Dry Skin!

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1/14/18, 12:00 AM

Donia Sedky is a self-taught special effects and beauty makeup artist. She graduated from the High Cinema Institute in 2009, and was always enchanted by the effect makeup has on character design, which she now considers as one of her favorite parts of her job, which she started 5 years ago. She looks forward to working with more creative teams to create more unique characters and help ladies shine through makeup. Being such a pro, we asked her to help us with some makeup tips and tricks for dry skin, and this is what she said...

How can a girl prepare her skin for makeup if she has a dry one?

Before applying makeup we should always exfoliate and hydrate the skin. Exfoliating is an integral part of the process to make sure that it's clear and properly cleaned before applying anything to it.It is also an extremely important thing to do at least twice a week. As for hydration, there are two ways to do so. The first one is internal which is from my perspective the most essential, like drinking water and eating the right types of food for skin, like ones that are filled with fibers. The second way is external, which is through moisturizing and hydrating creams, but we have to always make sure that the creams we use are matching to the skin type and that it provides what the skin needs to glow.

What should a girl with dry skin look for in a foundation?  

She should look for foundations that are oil-based or silicon-based. I personally prefer silicon-based foundations, because they give dry skin a beautiful glow with a fresh finish.

How important are lip balms to apply before lipstick?

I believe that applying lip balm is crucial, not only before applying lipstick, but to use throughout the day too as it protects our lips from cracking and it keeps them soft and smooth. However, it is truly a must before lipsticks in general and specifically matte or long-lasting lipsticks, because it creates a layer that helps maintain the lipstick longer, without cracking or having flakes over the lips.

What do you think about liquid blush for the dry skin?

For dry skin, I personally prefer cream blush, because it helps give the skin a fresh look and a dewy natural finish.

How to achieve a dewy look if a girl has dry skin?

I believe following all the previously mentioned steps, namely;

1. Cleaning the skin properly before you apply makeup.

2. Hydrating the skin well. 

3. Choosing a matching foundation with oil or silicon base, both primer and foundation should have the same base.

4. My trick to get a dewy makeup look, is to use a damp beauty blender to apply the foundation evenly, and if necessary, you can set it with the minimum amount of loose powder. I would skip the powder step if I can, so it wouldn't give a matte finish to the look. 

5. Then applying some cream blush, and after you finish all your makeup, adding a touch of highlighter on the cheekbones will just give you an extra glow and sparkle whether its cream or powder. 

6. You would be amazed to know that using some petroleum jelly by the tip of your finger and applying it very gently and wisely, a little of it goes a long way on the cheekbones, will give you the dewy look models have on magazine covers.

Main Photo and Photos credits: Instagram @makeupbydonia



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