It's this time of the year again, Christmas and New Year's Eve are nearing, and the holiday season is in full swing. That's why we're bringing you makeup inspiration for holiday parties, to be ready with the ultimate festive beauty look. Holiday parties are occasions where you can afford going for that little something extra, so get out your party dress, and glam up your beauty routine. Because we want you to look oh-so-good during the festive season, check out our makeup inspiration for holiday parties.

Glittery Eyeliner
Swap your black eyeliner for glittery eyeliner this festive season. The glittery eyeliner makeup look is ideal for the holiday parties, as it draws the attention to your gaze with a hint of glint. If you won't be wearing your all-sequins party dress, then pairing your simple little black dress with glittery eyeliner would give you just the perfect amount of sparkle you need.

Shimmery Eyeshadow
There are several ways you could work shimmery eyeshadow into your makeup look. The dramatic option is to go for a shimmery smokey eye makeup look, using a palette with a variety of eyeshadow colors that go with your skin tone, and pair it with nude lips. Another way, is to pick a shimmery eyeshadow that's slightly lighter than your skin tone, and apply it all over your eyelids, then finish off with a thick or thin line of eyeliner, and red lipstick. If you want something more subtle, then you could highlight the inner corners of your eyes using a metallic shimmer eyeshadow.

Exaggerated Eyelashes
You don't have to put on false eyelashes to get exaggerated eyelashes, in fact, some makeup tricks can do the job and give you a very appealing effect. Click here to follow our steps to make your eyelashes look thicker without adding faux lashes. For extremely curled eyelashes, two coats of mascara are a must, and don't forget to use an eyelash curler, after heating its rubber ends with a hair dryer for 30 seconds.

Bold Lipstick
Get the most enviable pout by applying a bold lipstick for your holiday party makeup look. Try a rich shade of red, or go for intense berry lipstick. You can also try tangerine orange, that's currently one of the most trending lipstick shades. Because your lips will be the focus of your makeup look, make sure to treat them if they're chapped, dry or flaky. When you have bold lipstick, make sure that the rest of your makeup look is minimal.