Want a smaller nose? You don't necessarily need a nose job! There are so many tips and tricks that you can do to take the attention away from your nose and make it actually look smaller. Here are some tips to take emphasis to your whole face. 

1. Since the first thing to notice about someone is their eyes, highlighting them through curling your lashes with a thick mascara to accentuate your look and draw attention away from your nose is the best trick. Lips and teeth makes an impression after eyes.

2. Emphasize on the beauty of your lips and apply a vibrant lipstick color. Also make sure to take good care of your teeth and whiten if needed.

3. Apply a foundation two shades darker than your skin tone around your nose. Put it on the sides of your nose few lines down from your eyebrows. This will make a wide nose seem smaller. You must blend it really well with your original foundation so it looks natural. 

4. Adding blush on your nose is a big NO! Your cheeks are a great feature than you can use to distract the focus from your nose. Always remember to highlight your cheeks with a bit of blush.