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Nada Allam
6/17/13, 12:00 AM

Marc Jacobs is entering the beauty sector people. We love his clothes, his bags, his accessories, his jewelry I think it's safe to say we will love his cosmetics line. It is going to be quite a big  hit with 122 products, consisting of  four categories: Smart Complexion, Blacquer, Hi-Per Color and Boy Tested/Girl Approved.

Smart complexion includes the foundations, concealers and powders. Blacquer will include a precision pen eyeliner, lash lifter and gel crayon. The Hi-Per color contains lip products, blush, eyeshadow, and bronzer. Finally the Boy Tested/Girl approved includes a lip balm, brow tamer and concealer. He had told WWD that he is not a fan of natural shades, so we can only presume that Marc Jacobs will go as bold with his cosmetics as he did with his designs.

The collection will hit the Sephora stores August 9th and the prices will range from $24 for a lip balm to $59 for a seven color eye-shadow palette. Marc Jacobs has given his beauty products the most creative names such as Lovermarc gel lipstick and a blushed called Shameless. Leave it to Marc to name beauty products in the best way ever.


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