Adele’s makeup game has always been admired, but since she released her new music video ‘Hello,’ everyone is talking about her eye makeup look. And because we don’t want you to miss a trend, we’ll give you an easy tutorial on how to get Adele’s eye makeup look.

The makeup products you need to create Adele’s eye makeup look:

1. Urban Decay, eye shadow primer potion.

2. Three different shades of eye shadow. Naked3 palette of Urban Decay the shades are: Darkside, Nooner and Strange.

3. Benefit, They're Real push-up eyeliner.

4. Mac, Match-master concealer.

5. Benefit, They're Real mascara.

The steps to get Adele’s eye makeup look:

1. Start by applying the eye shadow primer all over your eye lids, and leave it to dry for a few seconds.

2. After you made sure the primer has completely dried, now apply the first shade in the Naked3 palette ‘Strange’ all over your eye lids as a base color.

3. Now pick the next eye shadow shade ‘Nooner’ and apply it on your eye bones, and work your way to the inside. But make sure you leave a small area right above your eye lashes free from this shade.

4. The last shade ‘Darkside’ will work now to accentuate your eyes. Apply it only on the outer corners of your eyes. Just like face contouring, apply a straight line on the outer corner of the upper eye lid, and outer corners of the lower eye lid. Now with a smudge eye shadow applicator, start blending the dark shade with the lighter shade.

5. Now with your eyeliner, draw a dramatic winged eyeliner or cat eyes in other words.

6. Finish off with lots and lots of mascara on both your upper and lower lashes.

7. To clean up any mess or imperfect lines on your eye makeup, use concealer, it'll do the trick and will give you a flawless makeup look.

Now scroll down to see some of the products you can use to perfect Adele’s eye makeup look.