If you missed seeing winged eyeliner dominate the red carpet then you'll be very happy to find that a lot of the Oscars 2020 makeup looks had beautiful winged eyeliners, which gave us the perfect opportunity to show you how to do a perfect winged eyeliner according to your eye shape.

Thanks to the amazing makeup tutorials on youtube that taught me personally how to do my eyeliner, here's how you can create an amazing winged eyeliner look to flatter your eye shape, inspired by celebrities on the Oscars 2020 red carpet. 

1. Feline Winged Eyeliner for Almond Eyes and Upturned Eyes


If you have almond shaped eyes, upturned eyes or an eye shape that protrudes outwards, a feline eye makeup look would look stunning on you. We were inspired by Janelle Monáe's Oscars makeup look to show you a tutorial for a feline cat eye. 

2. Winged Eyeliner Makeup Tutorial for Hooded Eyes

Extended Wing


If you have hooded eyes, this is one of the best eyeliner shapes you can go for. Starting thin at your inner corner all the way to the middle and then going thicker and elongating it at the corner will extend your shape and make the eyeliner look more visible. 

Kitten Flick Tutorial


You can also try a kitten flick. This is a more classic eyeliner shape and makeup artist legend Lisa Eldridge has a great tutorial on how you can create it to flatter your hooded eyes by slightly bringing the eyeliner to your lower lash line to make the eyes look bigger. 

3. Eyeliner Tips for Puffy Under Eyes 

Smokey Dramatic Winged Eyeliner 


Puffy under eyes can actually be really sexy, despite how a lot of us try to hide them. However, if you want more attention drawn to your upper eyelid or eye color, you can go for a dramatic smokey wing.

Simple Thin Eyeliner Tutorial


You can also go for a simple thin eyeliner which we fell in love with on Oscar Nominee Saoirse Ronan. Extending the eyeliner outwards is really flattering for the eye shape and will bring the attention to your upper eye lid. 

4. Kitten Eyeliner for Wide Almond Eyes


For wide almond eyes, a lot of eyeliner shapes can be really beautiful on you,among them the classic 60s kitten flick. You can go a little bit thicker in the center of the lid extending it outwards and ending with short wing.