We asked one of your favorite Egyptian makeup artistsPassant Kholeif, about the perfect morning makeup routine, and she gave us very detailed steps so we can look our best in the morning. Keep on reading to know how a simple morning makeup look is done.

"We are always running out of time in the morning, but still want to look awake and fresh. So here are 6 easy steps that will make you look natural and glowing."

1. Start with a BB cream or a tinted moisturizer.

This will make your skin tone look even, and it will disguise any imperfections, also try to look for one that contains SPF and a dewy finish, so you can have an all-in-one product.

2. Apply concealer.

Remember to choose one shade darker than your skin tone if you have dark circles, this way it won’t turn out to be grey in the middle of the day. Also, don’t apply too much product, so that it doesn’t become greasy.

3. Flush.

You can apply a tint on your cheeks and lips that will add a bit of color to your skin, and make you look bright and awake.

4. Fix it.

Remember to apply just a little bit of translucent powder under your eyes and all over your face to set everything, this will also help to make your makeup long lasting throughout your busy day

5. Eyeliner and mascara.

A waterproof eyeliner and curved mascara brush will do the job for beautifying your eyes.

6. Define your eyebrows.

You can use eyebrow pen or mascara to make a quick definition that will frame your eyes and make you look more polished, but don’t overdraw it, just use light strokes to fill the empty spots.

And now you are ready!