Pat McGrath Shares Her Very Own Makeup Tips and Tricks

Amira Azzouz
2/11/14, 12:00 AM

No one can possibly deny how influential Pat McGrath is in the makeup world. We like to call her at the office the makeup queen, seeing that she’s certainly a trendsetter. We had the pleasure of chatting with Pat McGrath, the Global Creative Design Director of Max Factor, during the P&G Vision House event in Barcelona and here’s what she told us…

How did it all begin?

Pat McGrath: My mother was obsessed with makeup and I became obsessed with makeup too, then I started to collect makeup and try makeup ideas on myself. From there on I started to work for magazines such as the Face and ID, then did more work with French Glamour and Vogue. My first show was in Milan with Prada. Afterwards, I started working with Steven Meisel (iconic fashion photographer) and that was one of the biggest changes in my life.

You highlighted two key trends at the P&G Vision House event, which are embellished gold eyebrows and the thick ones. It’s certainly not a look any woman can pull off, how do you suggest they twist it?

Pat McGrath: There are various ways you can twist those eyebrows, for example you can lighten your brows or bleach them, but make sure you use the same color as the lightest part of your hair. There’s also the option of using eyebrow gels, where you have gold colors that can be fun to try out.

What’s your favorite thing about makeup?

Pat McGrath: What I love about makeup is that it’s very fun. You can take the extreme looks off of the runway, and break them down the best way they work for you. Take inspirations from those runway looks, for example a certain color to try out, or a texture, but not necessarily the entire look. It’s all about translating it into your own personal style.

The rules of makeup constantly change, so what are the ones worth following nowadays?

Pat McGrath: You can basically do anything, there are no rules and that’s the fantastic thing! Let’s say for the shows I do, I have 40 girls that need to go with the same look, and of course not all of them have the same skin tone. So assuming I need to apply orange lipstick, it would work on most of them, but then there’s the exception of that one girl that I need to cut down the color just a bit so it fits perfectly on her. There might be one color that doesn’t suit you, but that doesn’t mean you eliminate the complete color palette of this shade. Every shade comes in eight different tones, so there’s something that will certainly fit you.

What are the key tips you can give women when applying makeup?

Pat McGrath: Let’s cut them down into steps starting off with the foundation.

1. Remember foundation is the most important thing. You can either use the one you have, and cut it down with your moisturizer, or buy a BB or CC cream, which are basically a foundation with a tinted moisturizer.

2. Build layers of makeup on it to make your skin perfect. Start off with your foundation, and then use a tissue lightly to take off any additional foundation.

3. Use your concealer afterwards under your eyes, and on uneven skin. Make sure you add dots of the concealer, and then spread it with your hands or a brush. If you have an area that's darker than the rest of your skin, let's say underneath your eyes, never use concealer on the whole area. Rather dot on the dark spot and then spread it, or else you'll end up highlighting it even further.

4. You can slightly tissue off and apply some of the concealer again. It’s basically like lipstick, but you might need to repeat the process to get that real concealer experience and get rid of any skin flaws.

5. It’s time to use a bit of powder on your skin, which would give it a great look. Don’t use too much powder on your nose nor chin. You need to keep these areas a little bit alive.

6. Take a little blush and put it onto your cheeks. You can use a highlighter on your cheekbones and that’s how you get that natural skin look, which is a big thing this season.

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