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| by Nada Allam

Quick Tips and Tricks to Perfect Your Makeup

Do you ever experience some makeup glitches when applying? Staining your shirt, ruining your cat eyes, or applying too much blush than you intended. Well, here are a few makeup tips and tricks that will perfect your makeup.

1. If you are already dressed, be sure to lay a towel on your shoulders. That way you can prevent any powder staining your shirt.

2. Handle the blush and eyeshadow brushes with care. Remember to always pat the brush before applying it, so it can let out any excess powder.

3. Lighting is very important when applying makeup. You want to make sure you have good enough lighting, but not strong enough that you feel your makeup is melting when you apply it. 

4. To avoid the many frustrating attempts while perfecting your cat eyes, use scotch tape. They will serve as a guide when applying your eyeliner and eye shadow.

5. If your mascara gets clumped, don't remove it and start over. Use an eyebrow brush to detangled the clumps and apply a coat of gel mascara. After that, use an eye lash curler to elongate your lashes. 

6. Apply lip balm and petroleum jelly to your lips before applying lipstick. The process of applying the lipstick will be smoother, and it will look more glossy.

7. Always apply moisturizer to your face and neck before applying foundation. 

8. Know when to throw away makeup products. For example, mascara should only last you four months, and lipstick will last you 18 months.

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