You know how when you watch makeup tutorials, some of the makeup artists use a small thin brush to apply lipstick. I always wondered about the famous lip brush, and why use it in the first place when the lipstick is already shaped in the perfect way to apply it to your lips. Turns out lip brushes are actually quite beneficial.

1. Lip brushes basically help to color inside the lines. It helps with precision to avoid any smudges outside the boundaries of your lips.

2. If you are not a fan of lip liners, you can use the lip brush to outline your lips. That way you can also avoid the hassle of finding the perfect shade of lip liner to match your lipstick. 

3. If you are a lip liner fan, the lip brush is a perfect way to blend your lip liner with your lipstick and avoid the visible difference in colors.

4. With a lip brush you can mix up the colors of your lipsticks to make a third color. Can't find the perfect red lipstick? Trying mixing your dark red with with a really light red to find your perfect shade. The lip brush is the perfect way to mix colors without staining your lipsticks.

5. Using a lip brush will also help you control the shade of your lipstick. For example, applying a light layer of a really dark red lipstick with lip brush will result in a nice shade of red

6. The corners of your lips are really hard when it comes to applying lipstick. Using a lip brush will ease this process completely and you will avoid any smudging.

7. The lip brush can also be used after you apply the lipstick the normal way. Use the tip of the brush to define the crease of your lips and the corners. 

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