Being stuck at the office or in the city doesn’t only make you sad on weekends, it makes your skin pale too! But, there’s nothing that can’t be solved. You still have a chance to make your legs look like they’ve been sun bathing all weekend long on the beach, thanks to Sally Hansen's Airbrush Legs collection.

For years, Sally Hansen's Airbrush Legs spray has been a favorite for many women, makeup artists and international celebrities. And now, they're introducing a new product - leg makeup, which is a liquid version of the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs, which you can easily apply.

The thing about Sally Hansen's Airbrush Legs collection, is that it doesn’t only transform pale skin into gorgeously tanned skin, it also gives a silky smooth skin feel, besides a flawless look covering any imperfections. If you’re not convinced yet, then hear up this piece of information... Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs products have a Palmaria Extract formula, which offers a conditioning treatment that enhances the coverage on skin that tends to be dry.

Now go get your legs ready for that short dress or hot pair of shorts you've wanted to wear!