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| by Nada Allam

Seven Facts You'd Be Surprised to Know About Perfumes

Question! How much do you really know about perfumes, the number one beauty product that all women purchase? Well, after this article, you will know a lot about the magical scents in bottles, so get ready for some interesting facts about perfumes you never knew of.

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1. Perfume is bad for your hair! While people always say when spraying perfume, spray it towards your hair for the scent to last, this is actually a big no no. Perfume contains alcohol and it can really damage your hair and cause dryness.

2. Did you know that the same perfume can smell differently on two people? It's true, your skin's chemistry is not the same as others, so just because a perfume smells great on your friend doesn't mean it will smell the same on you. 

3. Smelling coffee beans is a perfect way to differentiate between scents when picking out a perfume, because they have the power to reset your sense of smell. Remember that next time you are testing out samples.

4. Perfume can change your mood. If you are feeling lazy and sleepy, a spritz of perfume can actually make quite the difference. If you are feeling dizzy, a strong scented perfume is a good way to give yourself a quick boost. Studies have also shown that lavender scents promote relaxation.

5. If you have a signature scent, eventually your nose will adapt and you will no longer smell it. So be careful the next time you reach for your perfume, don't over do it, minimal spritzing will do the trick.

6. Some floral perfumes attract insects. So if you are heading out to a park or garden, stay away from floral scented perfumes, or else you will find yourself constantly flicking away flies, mosquitoes, etc.

7. If you want your perfume scent to last longer, always spray the perfume at your pulse points. For example, your wrists, the back of your knees, your cleavage, etc.

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