Every lipstick lover dreams of perfectly defined, perfectly colored, and flawless lips. So let me introduce you to seven tricks that will make your lipstick look as perfect as celebrities. These makeup tricks are very well known for famous makeup artists, beauty bloggers and celebrities!

1. Scrub your lips gently before starting your makeup routine. You can peel dead skin on your lips using a soft toothbrush dipped in some honey and brown sugar or you can just use a wet towel. Don’t forget to moisturize your lips with lip balm.

2. Take a small amount of concealer, and apply it all over your lips using a concealer brush.

3. Using a highlighter, define your lips and the “V” shape that’s in between your lips and your nose, and then blend it with your foundation.

4. Now using a highlighter, highlight the center of your upper and lower lip just like in the photo below. This technique would give the impression that your lips are bigger. Also making the corners of your mouth darker would help give your mouth more depth.

5. Using the lip liner, define your lips’ cupid bows with an X, and then line the center bottom. If you want fuller lips, over-line your cupid’s bows.On your lower lip and upper lip, draw three vertical lines on every lip to add dimensions.

6. Time for the lipstick! Start applying lipstick on the corners of your lips, and make sure the color is more concentrated on the corners than in the middle. 

7. One last tip... If you want to keep your lipstick set and fixed, put a tissue over your lips and press gently and remove it. And then apply another layer of lipstick.