I think it is safe to say that Kim Kardashian's makeup look is truly one to admire. We all might disagree about tons of things Kim Kardashian does, from her fashion choices (especially while she's pregnant) to daily happenings, but the one thing we can all agree on, is how well her makeup look suits her, and how well it would suit the majority of Arab women. We've put together the five steps you need to follow Kim Kardashian's iconic makeup look.

1. Perfect the base.

The first thing we noticed about Kim Kardashian's makeup look is her glowing skin, so the base is the thing you start off with. Use a concealer that matches your skin color to hide uneven skin spots, pimples and dark circles. Now it's time to apply the foundation, go for something that's not too heavy to avoid clogging and spread it on your face evenly.

2. Go for some serious contouring. 

Contouring is one of the most important steps to get the Kim Kardashian's makeup look. Define your cheekbones, and highlight your eyes and lips to contour correctly. Just make sure to use matte foundation for a subtle effect. 

3. Accentuate the eyes.

Kim Kardashian's makeup look puts major focus on her eyes.  Start off with eyeshadow, you will want to go for a subtle smokey eye, by layering grey, brown and bronze colors. Next apply black eyeliner to the upper eyelid, staying as close as you can to your eyelashes.

4. Dramatic eyelashes. 

You will need to apply some faux eyelashes to get the dramatic fluttery effect. Mascara is a crucial part of Kim Kardashian's makeup look, go for a mascara type that gives full volume.  Make sure all of your lashes are given equal attention to get that perfect doll look. As for your lower lashes, go for a bit of a messy look, but also make sure you've brushed them all with mascara.

5. Pay attention to your eyebrows.

You need even and great looking eyebrows to get the Kim Kardashian makeup look. Go for full and thick eyebrows, by using eyebrow powder

6. Brighten up your look with blush.

No need to go for some heavy blush as you already defined your cheekbones while contouring. Go for a matte blush with a light shimmer and add that to the apples of your cheeks for the ultimate Kim Kardashian makeup look. 

7. Go for nude lipsticks.

Last but not least, for Kim Kardashian's makeup look, you need to keep the your focus on your eyes, which means going for a light color of lipstick. Go for a shade from the nude palette that compliments you and add a touch of femininity to your look.