Have you ever thought of the different uses for your blush other than adding color to your cheeks of course? Every one of us has at least one shade of blusher in our makeup bag right? Well then, we're going to tell you how your blusher could be incorporated differently in your makeup routine. Check out the six different uses for your blusher and prepare to be mind-blown!

1. Did you know that you could use your blusher as an eyeshadow? Check out our beginners guide to applying eyeshadow, and add an instant glow to your makeup look with your blush.

2. In order to have natural glow to your face, apply blusher on your cheeks. A trick to applying blusher correctly, is by smiling to keep your look simple and natural. 

3. Make use of your blusher to contour and highlight your cheekbones and entire face. 

4. You could turn your blusher into matte lipstick by just mixing the powder of your blusher with vaseline and applying it directly onto your lips using your fingertips or a lip brush.

5. If you're longing for a glossy and shiny lipstick, blend the powder of your blusher with a transparent lip gloss. Apply it using cotton swabs and, voila, you made a glossy lipstick out of your blusher!

6. Did you know that you could literally turn your blusher into nail polish? Just crush your blush, to turn it into powder and add it onto your transparent nail polish. Be sure to shake or mix the nail polish bottle really well. Now, apply the mixture on your nails and you will have a desirable outcome. You can also go creative and mix different nail polish colors with your blush and you'll be surprised with the result. 

As you can see ladies, you can definitely pull off a full beauty look by simply using blusher only, so make good use of it!