Green eyes are attractive indeed, but they need a certain type of makeup to bring them out. If you have green eyes, then you probably heard many people advise you to apply green eyeliner, while others may have told you to sport the smoky eye look. People will always give an opinion; some will be right and some will be wrong. So leave the talk aside, and read these professional makeup tips for green-eyed women.

1. Choosing the right eye shadow colors for your green eyes is not as hard as you may think. Warm and bronze eye shadow shades are perfect to show off the green in your eyes. Purple shades too were made for you. So give them a try.

2. Avoid grey and silver eye shadows; they're not a good makeup look for green-eyed women. If you love grey eye shadow, then you should go for a very dark shade of grey or black eye shadow.

3. Avoid using black kohl; instead use a purple, green or brown eye liner. They would look perfect with your beautiful green eyes.

4. Mascara is the key to beautiful eyes, so when you choose mascara for green eyes, go for brown. As I said before, brown shades are a perfect match for green eyes.

5. If you think our makeup tips for green-eyed women will only be about eye makeup, then you're wrong! For your cheeks, use a peachy blusher to make your green eyes pop.

6. When it comes to your lips, choose berry colors and rose shades to complete your whole look.