It's springtime, which means you need to try out new beauty looks to go with this fresh season! The easiest way to update your beauty look for spring, is by going for a pretty makeup style. And how can you effortlessly do that? Just choose one of the following lipstick colors that are so perfect for spring. From reds and pinks to oranges and even shimmery tones, scroll through to see the 10 most trendy lipstick colors you should try this spring.

1. Fuchsia Pink Lipstick

2. Bright Red Lipstick

3. Coral Lipstick

4. Nude Lipstick

5. Orange Lipstick

6. Berry Lipstick

7. Purple Lipstick

8. Mauve Lipstick

9. Rose Lipstick

10. Shimmery Lipstick

Main Image Credits: Instagram: @nouraridaofficial