It’s been a while now since everyone has been wearing dark lipsticks, even during the summer. However, not everyone knows how to pull off the dark lipstick makeup look! Actually, it's a very tricky makeup style, that's why I'll tell you the best eye makeup to apply with dark lipstick, for the perfect overall look.

Since the main focus would be on the dark lipstick, you should keep your eye makeup minimal. So here are the makeup products you'll need to pull off the dark lipstick makeup look:

1. Your favorite dark lipstick. (I like Rebel or Diva by MAC)

2. A foundation that matches your skin tone. Tip: In order to pick the perfect match for your skin tone, always test the color on your neck not your face.

3. Bronzer.

4. Shimmering highlighter.

5. Mascara. (My favorite is Benefit's Roller Lash)

6. Cream eye-shadow. (Go for a neutral color to match the bronzed look.)


1. Always begin by applying a good facial moisturizer and primer, and then start applying foundation. Make sure you only put a very thin layer, just to make your skin glow. To hide any imperfections, just dab a little bit of concealer right on the needed spots.

2. Use the bronzer to highlight your cheeks, and then apply a thin layer of shimmering highlighter on your cheekbones.

3. For the best eye makeup to apply with dark lipstick, you need to dab a little of the cream eyeshadow on your eyelids. The reason why you should use a neutral color, is because cream eyeshadow gives a subtle glow. Finish off your eye makeup with a lot of mascara, and your eyes will be set and ready.

4. Contour your lips just to give them extra volume, and then apply your favorite dark lipstick at the end.

P.S. If you want to have a more daring look, you can always accentuate your eyes with dark eye-shadow or draw a thin winged eyeliner.

Photo Credits: Instagram @nadine.nassib.njeim