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The Best Tips and Tricks to Make Your Eyeliner Stay Longer

These tips and tricks will tell you how to apply eyeliner stay longer. Don't you just love that gentle swipe of eyeliner that perfectly defines your eyes? With very simple touch ups, you can totally make your eyeliner stay longer on your eyelids. Because almost every woman out there applies eyeliner every day, read the following eyeliner tips and tricks to prevent your eyeliner from running.

1. In order to make your eyeliner stay longer, you must start off with washing your face very well, because eyeliner is more likely to smudge with oily skin and eyelids.

2. After you wash your face, make sure to apply eye primer on your eyelids and around your eyes, because it's simply the best thing that will make your eyeliner stay all day long .

3. However, if you don't have eye primer, you can go for a very soft and light moisturizer, because your eyeliner can stay longer on softer skin.

4. If you want your eyeliner to stay longer, you can simply apply matte foundation or concealer on your eyelids before applying eyeliner. As the matte foundation adheres to your skin, your eyeliner will find a fine base to stick to.

5. Another great trick, is to dust a little bit of translucent powder on your eyelids right after you apply the eyeliner and eyeshadow. This will help your eye makeup stay put and prevent it from smudging.

6. What you should never do, is apply multiple layers of eyeliner, because this will only make your makeup look messy. Instead, you should apply another coat of dark eyeshadow over the line of your eyeliner and it will stay on better.

7. After you're done with your eye makeup, spray some makeup sealer over your eyeliner and your whole face. This will make your entire makeup look stay almost all day long.

8. Have you noticed that your eyelids tend to get really oily? If you have oily skin, change your usual eyeliner and use a waterproof one, its strong formula will ensure that your eyeliner stays longer.

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