Calling out all brides who wear contact lenses! Here is your ultimate eye makeup guide if you're a bride who wears contact lenses, because there are important tips you should consider. Why so? That's because your eyes become more sensitive when you wear contact lenses, so you should be careful when it comes to your eye makeup, specially on your wedding day. Just read through to know the best makeup tips for brides who wear contact lenses.

1. Before putting any facial moisturizer or makeup on, make sure to wear your contact lenses the first thing.

2. Your hands should be washed and dried before using them to apply your contact lenses; you don't want to transfer any dirt into your eyes.

3. If you're a bride who wears contact lenses, try as much as possible to use non-allergenic makeup labels. That's specially for your eye makeup products, such as eye shadow, eyeliner, etc.

4. When you're applying the eye shadow or the eyeliner, make sure to skip the eye-line between your eyes and lashes. Applying eye makeup products so close to eye can cause irritation.

5. If you'll be applying any moisturizers or creams around your eyes, make sure to choose water-based products rather than oil-based products; they're less likely to irritate your eyes.

6. You can also switch the powder eye shadow to a creamy eye shadow. Why? Creamy eye shadows are more gentle to skin area around your eyes, and they're less likely to get in your eyes.

7. In case you choose to apply powder eye shadow, make sure to keep your eyes closed during the application, to avoid any powder getting in your eyes.

8. Mascara is a very important step in any makeup look! Brides who wear contact lenses should be very careful with this step, as the mascara shouldn't create any clumps that could fall into the eyes. Try to avoid any mascara with particles of fibers.

9. Lastly, when it's time to remove your eye makeup, you should remove the contact lenses first! Afterwards, you can remove your makeup the way you prefer.