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| by Zeinab El-Fiqi

The Ultimate Makeup Tips to Take the Best Selfie

Social media is literally taking over our lives, and I bet you always want to take a good selfie for Instagram or Snapchat. That's why I'll share with you the ultimate makeup tips to take the best selfie. You have to know which angle of your face to focus on, set the light and exposure, and also know how to apply makeup to take the best selfie. For that matter, read on for fantastic makeup tips to look good in any photo.

1. Start with foundation.

The first makeup tip to take the best selfie, is to start with the right foundation. By all means, avoid heavy foundation. You just need a thin layer of foundation that matches your skin tone, to hide any imperfections and give your face a glow that looks pretty in the pictures.

2. Apply a little bit of bronzer.

While natural sunlight does the trick, but sometimes you need a little bronzer to give you that sun-kissed look. If you don’t know how to apply bronzer properly, just put some under your cheekbones, and make sure you don't over-do it.

3. Accentuate your eyes.

Another makeup tip you should consider to take the best selfie is to apply eyeliner. Try the smudged eyeliner look, it looks effortless, and it's flattering to all eyes. You can also try colored eyeliner, such as green or blue, as they bring out the natural color of your eyes.

4. Don't forget your eyebrows.

I don't recommend that you fill your eyebrows the way you do when usually you go out. Just make sure your eyebrows are neat. That way, you can ensure an over-all polished look.

5. Lipstick and mascara for the finishing touch.

Last but not least, I can't share with you the ultimate tips to take the best selfie without mentioning lipstick and mascara. Make sure to have a neutral lipstick for a toned-down look, and apply mascara.

Now set your phone camera, pose with your favorite side of your face, and you’re ready to take the best selfie.

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