You don't necessarily have to head to the beach with a bare face, a little touch of makeup won't harm. Beach makeup is always different as you won't use your normal makeup products. Here are some professional makeup tips and tricks to learning how to wear beach makeup.

- A healthy well moisturized skin is always the key for a fresh look. Always apply a fine coat of light sunscreen to your skin, then wait 30 minutes till it gets absorbed completely so you can apply makeup.

- Stay away from your natural mascara or else it would smudge and you will end up looking like a panda. Opt for a waterproof mascara that will prevent your eyelashes from smearing off underwater. It's just perfect with this summery weather. It will last longer than you think.

- Peach and bronze shades of blusher work best for a youthful summery look, they add glamor to your sexy tanned skin tone.

- Create the perfect balance with some eyeliner on your eyelids. And yes, it should be waterproof, this goes without saying. Trust me it will stick there just like glue. Let some color get to your eyes and apply colored eyeliner.

- Never forget to enhance your lips. Since matte lipsticks are all trendy this summer, then why not try it on the beach? Go for bright shades like shiny pink and fire hot red. It will make your lips look better and brighter.

- For a better makeup placement, don't forget to spray on makeup sealer on your face.

- Finally, wear your favorite swimsuit, put on that floppy hat and sunglasses, and you're ready to have a great time not worrying about your makeup melting or getting smudgy!