Bring some orange lipstick sunshine to your lips with this fiery hot beauty trend. If you're longing for some change, go for some citrus orange lips! Orange lipstick might seem a quite daring choice, but it really has a great charm and can manage to bring out your eye color perfectly.

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All you need is to pick the right shade of orange lipstick to go with your skin tone. If you have fair/pale skin, then go for a bright shade of orange lipstick, preferably with a matte formula. However, if you're more on the olive, tanned or darker skin tones, then true dark orange lipstick shades should be your pick. Let go of your usual pink or red lipstick and go for something unusual like orange lipstick.

Since orange lipstick is here to stay for quite some time, here are some celebrities who show you how to wear orange lipstick in the most flattering way.