Lip balm is one forgotten element in every girl's makeup bag. However, lip balms should be landing in your makeup bag for a good reason. Whether it's summer or winter, lip balm is just one item you shouldn't leave your house without. Why? Read below to know why your lips need lip balm:

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1. Lip balm has a unique nourishing formula that can treat your chapped lips instantly. It will also coat your lips so it doesn't collect bacteria. 

2. Applying lip balm while tanning on the beach or by the pool is crucial, to keep your lips hydrated and prevent dryness. Also some lip balms come with SPF, preventing the harmful effects of sun-rays. 

3. On makeup-free days, lip balms should be your best friend. They keep your lips shiny, moisturized and sexy!

4. Did I mention that some lip balms can provide your lips with color if they're tinted? Tinted lip balms can be your go-to option if you like to add some color, protection and maintain a glamorous look all at the same time. Two birds, one stone!

5. On hot summer days, most of us don't drink enough water, so lip balms can slightly substitute the moisturizing effect of water and keep your lips smooth and moist. Apply lip balm not less than three times per day to get the best effect.

6. Lips are considered the one of the most sensitive layers of skin, which makes them age soon. By using lip balm frequently, you can ensure to maintain a youthful look, with plumper and healthier lips. 

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