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| by Zeinab El-Fiqi

Your Guide to Keep Oily Skin Shine-Free When You Put on Makeup

For many years, I suffered from my oily skin, because every time I decided to put on makeup I ended up with a shiny face and even worse, a melted makeup look! But then I figured out the right makeup formula that gave my oily skin a flawless makeup look. So here it is:

1. First of all, I learned how to prepare my skin for makeup, and here’s the right way in this link.

2. For women with oily skin, I recommend you buy your makeup products water based, not oil based. In case you feel like you won’t be able to tell the difference when makeup shopping, ask the sales girl, she’ll tell you which products are water based and which are oil based.

3. Also you need to keep your skin hydrated, it is crucial. Hydrating your skin will keep your skin oils balanced, thus your makeup will be shine-free and will stay longer.

4. Now we move on to primers, you need to choose a primer that is oil-free and anti-shine.

5. The best foundation type for women with oily skin is a one with a matte and long wear formula. Don’t even think about any foundation that has the word “luminous” on it.

6. Avoid powders, they’ll block your pores and make it worse for you. Your pores will produce more oil in return.

7. Blotting papers are amazing, a press or two during your outing will take the shiny oil away instantly.

8. Last but not least, use a setting spray to keep your makeup safe all night long!

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