As the seasons transition, it's only natural to transition our wardrobes as well. We start to wear more or less layers, according to the current weather. Right? But did you know that you should switch your makeup products too? Yes, your makeup products should differ from winter to summer and vise versa. During winter, our skin tends to be more dry, and in the summer, the skin is usually more glowing. That's why every woman should know the best make products to use according to the season.

Here is your guide to switch your makeup products from winter to summer...

1. Instead of the foundation that you usually use to cover any flaws, switch to a BB cream or a tinted moisturizer when summer is here. They're lighter on the skin and they still provide good coverage.

2. Your favorite dark lipstick that you wanted to wear all the time during winter? Ditch that as soon as the summer arrives! Switch to peach or rose shades or lipstick, or better yet, stick to tinted lip balms.

3. For your winter night-outs, you loved to go for a smokey eye look. Now what can you do for a summer night-out? I suggest you go just for an eye-liner or you can play it up with a little bit of shimmery eyeshadow.

4. When it's wintertime, you need a powder blusher that will help give your dull skin a glow. However, when it's summertime, your skin is usually sun-kissed, so you'd only need to use a cream blush or even a cheek stain.

5. If you like the dramatic kohl look, you better go for a more subtle look during the summer. Try giving it up and use just layers of mascara for thick-looking eyelashes.