So you ran out of your monthly stash of lenses and got forced to either wear your glasses for the night, or risk a couple of clumsy scenarios? Hint: always choose the glasses! Just stay safe, and you'll also get to rock that geek chic look for the night. Since glasses are going to be your sexy accessory for the night, the most important thing is to work around it.

1. Start by applying a light layer of concealer under your eyes. Start from the corner of your inner eye, to the outer corner. The key is to make it seem like you applied nothing, so be sure to blend it very well. 

2. Next you should be applying foundation to your face. Be sure you pick the correct shade, and spread out evenly all over your face. Don't forget to also spread it under your eyes, and make it blend with the concealer. 

3. Now the eyes. The glasses will be covering this area, so there will not be a lot of focus on it. You want to accentuate your eyes and make them look wide and natural. Start by applying a light beige shimmery eyeshadow to both eyelids, keep it simple.

4. Next, pick a darker shade of eyeshadow to apply and highlight the crease of your eyelids. 

5. Going for a cat eye is pretty useless with glasses, so you should line them in a simple way. Either go for a liquid liner, and start super thin from the corner and go thick as you reach the outer corner of your eye. Or, you can use a dark color of eyeshadow, and line your eyes using it.

6. Next is your lower lash line. You have two options, either go for a nude kohl, this will really highlight your eyes, making them seem wider and brighter. Or you can go for a color. The color of course should depend on your skin tone, I personally love the brown and dark green kohls. They give your eyes that pop of color and it will show through your glasses, contrasting with the color of your eyes. 

7. Don't skip the mascara, and no it will not constantly be hitting your glasses lens. Apply one coat of mascara, be sure to lift the bursh upwards and give them that perfect curl.

8. Blush! I prefer to apply cream blush with glasses. Not only does it last longer, but also it looks more natural and you can avoid that powdery look under your lens.

9. Finally the lipstick. Here lies the focus of your entire look. Since you went super simple with your eyes, you need to boom with your lips. Go for a raspberry red color to brighten up your simple makeup. 

10. I recommend to go for a bun with your geek chic look, or a type of hair-do that won't have your hair falling on your face. For example, side braids, messy buns, fishtail braid, pony tails, etc.

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