10 Nail Polish Colors for a Trendy Fall

Mariam Youssef
10/22/22, 12:00 PM

With the coming of fall comes a new array of colors we tend to lean to more to reflect the season’s warmth. Fall colors do not just pertain to your new wardrobe, your nails also deserve to look trendy. Neon orange nail polish does not give off fall/winter vibes. That’s why we will list 10 nail polish colors for a trendy fall to look stylish and ready to rock.

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Add a pop of color to your fall look or even go metallic if you are heading to a party. Of course, nude nail polish never goes out of style and is chic all year round. However, we think that it looks better in the fall season. Nobody wants their nails looking blueish from the freezing weather, which is why the nude shade is a perfect idea.

1. Grass Nail from YOLO

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This is probably the most popular nail polish brand because of the stunning variety of shades that it offers to all women. This deep green shade is perfect for cold weather and can match a variety of your clothes. You can buy this product from Zynah.

2. Honey Mustard from YOLO

Honey mustard is one of the nail polish shades that can transform your entire look from simple to gorgeous! If you’re wearing a simple, plain outfit, adding this nail polish will make it exceptional and unique. You can buy it from Zynah.

3. Petrol from YOLO

This unique shade needs cold weather to match your dark-toned outfits. It can match many of your sweaters and pants. You’ll rock this color any time of the day and your hands will look super trendy and special. Buy this product from Zynah.

4. Peachy Orange Number 34 from LUNA

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Orange is the ultimate fall color. It screams Halloween and pumpkin juice! You probably have an orange item in your closet, so a burnt orange nail polish will go perfectly with it. Allow your hands to be a part of this trendy fall vibe by obtaining this nail polish. You can buy this product from Amazon.

5. Pumpkin Spice from Essie

As the name suggests, this shade of orange is unique and season-appropriate. Wear it any time of the day and style it with your favorite sweaters. It never hurts to buy different shades of orange because it is the ultimate fall color. You can buy this product from Essie.

6. Bordeaux from Essie

This deep red wine nail polish uncorks a positively intoxicating manicure. Everybody loves this vintage beauty that never fails to make any woman look more feminine and sexy. Although red is an all-year kind of color, this deep shade is more preferable in the colder months. You can buy this product from Essie.

7. Off Beat from ORLY

Purple is a statement color and a show stopper that will make your hands look extra beautiful. This attractive shade is perfect for cold weather and is probably going to match a sweater or a coat you have. You can buy this product from Amazon.

8. Canyon Clay from ORLY

This shade seriously screams fall! It’s a gorgeous russet brown that sends warmth vibes and simply matches most of our fall/winter outfits. No matter what your skin tone is, this polish will surely make your look complete and will flatter your hands beautifully. You can buy it from here.

9. Santa Fe Rose from ORLY

Although pink is more of a summery color, this rose shade from ORLY is super adequate for fall and winter. It’s more likely to make your hands look softer and feminine, especially when it’s freezing out there. Buy this product from Noon.

10. Russian Navy from OPI

Navy blue has a stunning effect on any woman’s hands. It provides instant charm, sexiness, femininity, and superiority. It also looks amazing on most skin tones and will certainly match plenty of your clothes, especially your blue jeans. You can buy this product from Care to Beauty.

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