10 Things Not to Do While Waiting for Your Nails to Dry

Dalia Hosny
7/8/14, 12:00 AM

I understand that painting your nails is quite time consuming, yet smudging and ruining a nice mani-pedi could be heartbreaking. Yes, you are only helpless when your nail polish is wet, just deal with it. Here are 10 things not to do while waiting for your nails to dry, you'll realize that it's hard to find any activities that don't involve using your hands!

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1. Do not pee. Yes, zip smudges are mean and heartbreaking. 

2. Do not take money out of your purse. If you're at the nail salon, then taking out your money beforehand is a wiser option. 

3. Bags are bad. If you want to spritz on some perfume or you're longing to get a hair tie out of your bag, then just forget about it for a while.

4. Keyboards are also bad. If you really want to watch the last episode of 'Pretty Little Liars', then buffer it earlier. 

5. Warning: Don’t sleep. Sleep is harmful for your nail polish when its wet. Wait until it drys first.

6. If your phone screen is not touch, then don’t touch it. Just don't.

7. Cotton balls or their remnants shouldn’t come anywhere near your nails. Or your chair. Or anything.

8. I know how much you love your nails, but if you want to take a picture of your pretty nail art then abort mission. 

9. Food is also a big no no. If you're hungry, try to survive without food until your nail polish drys completely. 

10. If you’re trying to make your nail polish dry fast by blowing on them using your mouth, make sure not to involve your saliva in the process.

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