28 Struggles Every Nail Polish Lover Can Relate To

Dalia Hosny
11/5/14, 12:00 AM

Nail polish lovers out there, I feel the struggles you might have to go through to get the perfect manicure. No, there's most certainly no shame of wanting to own all the nail polish bottles in the world. I'm here to let you  know that you're not alone, as I listed for you the 28 struggles every nail polish lover can relate to:

1. Loving your current manicure so much that your don’t even want to try new colors.

2. Waiting so long for winter to wear your favourite dark colored nail polish.

3. Owning like around 843649492 shades of red nail polish.

4. Purchasing the same nail polish shade over and over again.

5. Obsessing over nail art photos and failing miserably at achieving some nail art at home.

6. Buying extra bottles of nail polish and ending up throwing them away because they became too dry.

7. Never finding this perfect shade of nail polish that you're currently fond of.

8. Going shopping and ending up with a bag full of new nail polish shades.

9. People will always keep questioning the fact the you’re wearing the same nail polish shade for an entire month. 

10. Falling head-over-heels for a nail polish shade and figuring out later that you have the exact same color at home.

11. Having an entire shelf filled with glittery nail polish in your refrigerator.

12. Feeling super sad when you have plain nails, just because you’re try to let your nails take a break.

13. Getting lost at Sephora's nail section is bound to happen every time you go shopping.

14. You feel heart broken and devastated when you open up a bottle of nail polish and discover that it’s completely dry.

15. Feeling almost naked when you find out that your nail polish has chipped. 

16. Not being able to pee, eat, sneeze, or do anything until your nail polish dries.

17. Painting one hand perfectly and messing up the other feels even worse than a breakup.

18. Having to carry around the nail polish you already have on your nails just in case it chips.

19. Forgetting the base coat before applying any dark manicure and ending up with leftovers like you just got out of a mud fight.

20. You ran out of nail polish remover and had to go out with extremely shameful-looking nails. 

21. When you have to answer the phone while your nails are still wet and your hair strands leave a mark. It just feels like the end of the world.

22. Also when using cotton swabs to remove extra manicure from your cuticles and you fail so bad that you remove the nail polish entirely.

23. The awkward phase when you try to even out your nails tips and end up with super short nails.

24. The nail polish is just too light that you have to apply zillion coats in order to reach the desired color. 

25. Reapplying nail polish on an already chipped nail and it looks like you drew a map on your nails. There are just some spots lighter than the other. 

26. Having the nail polish on your toes last longer than your finger nails is just a mystery. 

27. When you’re too pregnant that you don’t reach your toe nails to paint them.

28. Removing glittery nail polish is just like trying to remove a gum that stuck on your pants.

So nail polish lovers can you relate to these struggles? 

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