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Beauty Header image article main minnie mouse collection by opi

| by Nada Allam

A Minnie Mouse Collection by OPI

We all loved Minnie Mouse as kids, her flirty red skirt, her cute voice and her long eyelashes that would always grab Mickey's attention. Minnie Mouse by OPI consists of four playful shades of red and pink, very flirtatious in my opinion. They are the type of colors you would wear on a first date, or celebrating an anniversary, giving off that sexy vibe right from your nails. They are ultra-feminine, and will look quite alluring especially in the summer against the tanned skin tones. The Minnie Mouse by OPI colors must be paired up with open toe heels or wedges, with colors like these you must flaunt them. They say you can tell a lot by a women from her nails. The shade of color she chooses to wear, the designs she goes for, even the shape of her nails. Add an instant splash of color to your summer outfit and flaunt that irresistible charm, just like Minnie. My personal favorite is the , "Nothin' Mousie 'Bout it" confetti light pink shade, it's quite glittery and leaves little heart shaped confetti on your nails.

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