We all know about BB creams, and what they can do to our faces. But a few days ago, I was wandering at the mall and something caught my eye, the ORLY BB CRÉME. Yes, ORLY has launched a special BB cream, just for our nails! The ORLY BB CRÉME looks just like a bottle of nail polish, however, this all-in-one topical cosmetic treatment is actually so beneficial for your nails.

So, I decided to share with you some facts about the ORLY BB CRÉME, the first ever BB cream for the nails...

1. ORLY BB CRÉME for nails is just like your old fashioned transparent nail polish, but its main duty is to correct the color of your nails, protect them and hide impurities, just like the BB cream you use for your face.

2. ORLY BB CRÉME for nails has a very strong effect on your nails, it strengthens them and it makes them look healthier.

3. You can apply one to two coats of ORLY BB CRÉME for nails to get the results you want.

4. ORLY BB CRÉME for nails can last for up to three days without chipping, so you have three whole days where you don't need to worry!

5. And if the above was not enough reason, then listen to this; ORLY BB CRÉME for nails contains a certain amount of SPF to protect your nails from harmful rays of the sun!

I certainly would love to try out the ORLY BB CRÉME for nails, would you?