It's not only about Breast Cancer awareness this month, we'd also like to shed a light on Breast Cancer Survivors, and how they can overcome some of the obstacles they might face once they've had their share of chemotherapy. Every woman out there can truly change the way she looks at life if she feels comfortable in her own skin and looks good. So with that, let's get into a few details to help Breast Cancer Survivors highlight their beauty.

1. Skin

- Don't go into direct sun light without sunscreen with SPF 15 or even higher, seek advise from your doctor if you have sensitive skin for the exact brand.

- If you're exposed to sun light for a long period of time, make sure to re-apply sun screen every couple of hours.

- Wash your face regularly, as your skin needs to always be clean, and then apply a light moisturizing cream.

- When using scrub, pick a gentle one for your skin, and then apply your moisturizer right afterwards.

2. Makeup

- Before applying any makeup, you need to make sure your skin is clean and avoid using any products that include alcohol in the ingredients.

- Your makeup brushes have to always be clean and protected as your skin is very sensitive after chemotherapy. Therefore it's advised that you buy new products, especially brushes and don't share them with anyone.

- Before buying any product, make sure to test it on clean hands to see if there are any side effects.

- A great suggestion is to use cotton balls for eye makeup, they're cheap, clean and you can dispose of them after one use.

3. Teeth

- Make sure you eat tons of crunchy fruits and vegetables without cutting them into pieces. Why? When you bite in to a crunchy apple, let's say, it'll act as a great scrub for your teeth to help whiten them. Crunchy fruits and vegetables have an acidic nature which as mentioned are great for whitening teeth.

- Go for milk products as it helps improve your enamel.

- Eat strawberries regularly, when they're available, as they also help whiten your teeth. 

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4. Eyelashes and Eyebrows

- The trick here is to create the illusion of more eyelashes, as they can fall off or become much lighter after chemotherapy. What to do? Use black liquid eyeliner, which would give off a great look and an illusion of thicker eyebrows. You can top that off with a small amount of eyeshadow and then some mascara, but stay away from mascara that clogs, aka mascara that's too heavy.

- Make sure to add coconut oil to your lashes once a day or a few times a week. How? Use a cotton swab with some coconut oil on it and apply it to your eyelashes as if you're adding mascara. That would help speed up the growth of your eyelashes, not to mention make them thicker. Read more about the 30 Benefits of Coconut Oil.

- Use an eyebrow pencil or powder in case your eyebrows are falling out after chemotherapy, and apply some aloe vera cream on them on a daily basis. This will aid in making your eyebrows thicker and grow faster. Read more about the Natural Ways to Make your Eyebrows Grow Faster.

5. Dark Circles and Spots

- Start off by applying stick concealer underneath your eyes and on the dark spots on your face. The green stick concealer is the recommended type as it's mainly very natural and doesn't harm your skin.

- Top it off with foundation, as it's important to even out your skin tone whilst hiding any dark circles under your eyes and dark skin spots. Read more about How to Get Rid of Dark Skin Spots Naturally.

6. Nails

- A moisturizing cream has to always be present in your handbag, as you'll need to apply it regularly to your hands and nails.

- Make sure to wear gloves while washing the dishes and doing things around the house. 

- A big NO goes to fake nails, they will do more harm than good to your already fragile nails. Instead, Read more about our tips on How to Take Care of Your Nail Cuticles.